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ELISABETTA - First abuse at the age of 8

“I imagined there was something behind it because when he sent you down to the cellar to get the wine, it was taking too long. I talked to him, but he didn’t want to hurt you, he imitated the neighbor who did these things with his stepsister … “

ANNA - first abuse at the age of 3

“… probably during my childhood everyone looked the other side. I tell of the mistreatment of the Superior, who admits that she already knows the facts. She knew that some children in kindergarten had become victims of this nun, and that is why she became removed at this time and sent …to another kindergarten … “

SARA - first abuse at the age of 13

“… Everyone knew that I had been violated. I also thought of suicide. After what happened, some of my friends called me “the abortion girl”

CARMELA - First abuse at the age of 9

“… I didn’t say anything to anyone, but he always harassed me in different ways, secretly touched me, showed himself naked in front of me, etc. And then there was my grandfather, I saw him every weekend, my uncle a couple of times a year. .. “

Organization of exhibitions of visual and sculptural art with international artists to raise awareness of child abuse.

Realization of charity auctions where artworks from exhibitions can be auctioned to support associations and No-profit organizations with similar topics

Promotion of debates and conferences on child abuse with the participation of guests and national associations.

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